According to a report from BloombergChina will block VPN by next year. Which will highly reduce the number of people having access to the open web & help Communist party’s grip on power.

Reportedly, the Chinese government ordered three telecoms company to begin blocking VPNs by February 1st. As VPN allowed many of the internet users in china to privately access websites that are blocked under China’s so-called “Great Firewall”

Here is what Kaiser Kuo, former head of international communications at Chinese tech giant Baidu said via facebook post:

The number of people using them in China is really small, but really vocal — and I don’t think they’ll just take this lying down. Will reflect very badly on the party. Dark days ahead

There are thousands of website that are blocked by the great firewall including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Blocking VPN can be a risky move as it will badly affect the academics, software developers and foreign businesses. Many foreign businesses secure there important data with company headquarters via VPNs.