Day by day our smartphones are getting thinner, beautiful and powerful, but still people are left with one big question that how much of “RAM” does people really need ?

If you look currently at the mobile industry, the manufactures are in the race of making phone with high RAM. The best example is the One Plus 3T which comes in with 6GB of RAM and in future some company might bring in 8GB of RAM.

One of the Huawei executive believes that anything beyond 4GB is just waste of money, which he expressed via his Weibo account. To give a proper reason why he believes so, Company carried an experiment in which the testing showed that 4GBs of RAM paired with the Kirin 960 performs better over time than 6GBs of RAM paired with the same SoC.

Out of which the lesson or the message that executive learned is that OS optimization brings in more performance then adding more RAM. Also adding 6 GB of RAM is more psychologically more comforting but in other words it simply means higher product price.

There is also a huge myth in people that phones with higher RAM is better then the phone which has lower RAM. There are plenty of phone which feature RAM less then 6GB and yet perform better then the phone which has 6 GB of RAM. Software play a very huge role in the performance area, the best example here is the iPhone which feature a very less RAM space but yet performs best in class, the reason is that the software that apple makes is highly optimised for its hardware due to which phone is able to perform so well with just few GB’s of RAM.

Higher RAMs are getting a big selling point for most the phone makers currently in the market, But in the end which is better 4GB or 6 GB of RAM is all depended on the personal use and that number may vary from person to person as we all use our phone differently.

What do you think how much amount of RAM is ideal in a phone ? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Source : Weibo