The momentum iPhone 8 is gaining day by day is just exciting and is one of the most awaited smartphone of 2017.

Reports suggest us that the upcoming iPhone will be a very successful hit for Apple as it is featuring some the most awaited features that iPhone lovers were waiting to see.

Apple is celebrating 10th anniversary of the iPhone and Company is expected to bring some radical redesign with the eradication of the iconic home button on the screen to give the phone all glass design.

Once the home button is gone, the finger print sensor goes with it too, Apple will be offering the finger print scanning from the display itself. Talking about the display iPhone 8 will also feature super crispy OLED Display that will replace the current screen on the iPhone.


Things are not done yet, Apple will also give wireless charging capability to the iPhone 8 which is reportedly able to charge multiple devices from a range of around 20 feet. Which solves the most of the problem that current wireless charger in the market has.

Okay so what’s the most upsetting point ? till now everything sounds super dope and easily iPhone 8 will be a huge hit for apple, The price tag will go upward of $1,000 and that hike in price is mainly due to the display it will feature. The point that the phone is “starting from” or “up to” $1000 remains a question mark.

The price hike is expected as the new wireless charging parts, crisply display and thin design defiantly increases the production cost of the phone and apple also needs to meet its profit numbers.

At the end of the day everything is still not guaranteed, this all are rumours and reports which can sometimes be right and sometimes be wrong, the only advice from my side is too always to keep calm until Tim Cook is standing on stage telling “Thank you for joining us this morning” in September.