HP just a made a laptop which has military standards when it comes to toughness. It called ProBook x360 Education Edition, which is made for tough environment in schools.

This laptop features a MIL-STD-810G standard but there is no organization certifying that the ProBook x360 does meet the standard’s requirements, But HP says that it has tested the laptop by throwing it down from desk-height tables onto concrete and steel floors to ensure that it built something that won’t immediately fall apart.

HP also made the keyboard of this laptop to withstand spills of about 12 ounces of liquid. So now you will be thinking that this guy is tough but just like the other tough laptop out there it will be a big and heavy, But According to HP this is the “thinnest rugged convertible”.

As it is an education edition the laptop comes in with preloaded with classroom management software, and it’s been designed with a pair of other features that HP says were made from educators’ feedback.

Company has also included an optional camera built into the keyboard’s palm rest, which is meant to be used for filming while the laptop is folded around in tablet mode and there also an LED on the back lid of the laptop that lights up when Wi-Fi is enabled, letting teachers know if kids are browsing the web when they shouldn’t be.

As far as the pricing goes there is not pricing details available, This Laptop is meant to be sold directly to schools, though there’s a possibility that third-party retailers could offer it to consumers.