Apple is  preparing to celebrate the 10 years of iPhone next year, iPhone 8 currently is most hyped phone that will launch next year.

There are reports from The Wall Street Journal that Apple is presently working on an iPhone prototype with flexible OLED display, and has even asked manufacturers Samsung, Japan Display, Sharp and LG Display to ramp up production of thin OLED panels. But there are fair chances that apple will only give this display for its top end iPhone model.

There are many reports telling us that Apple has 10 different versions of the iPhone 8 for development purposes, of which the flexible OLED version happens to be one.

Apple already has a deal with Samsung Electronics for OLED displays, But Apple has asked company’s like Japan Display, Sharp and LG Display to produce OLED display to ramp up production and also has reportedly told them to come up with higher resolution OLEDs than Samsung’s ones.

Other then OLED display next iPhone is expected to feature most wanted completely wireless charging thanks to all glass design.

There is also expectation that Apple will increase the screen size with 5.2-inch and 5.8-inch variants. Still things are not sure yet apple has a very good history of giving us last minute surprises. We will have more information regarding iPhone 8 in coming days.