Just now google introduced its brand new Pixel phone which runs google’s latest software which is hacked by a Chinese hackers just in less than a minute.

Yeah you heard it right, Pixel smartphone has been hacked by a team white-hat hackers from Qihoo 360, besides at the 2016 PwnFest hacking competition in Seoul.

Qihoo 360 won $120,000 cash prize for hacking the Pixel.

The team which hacked the pixel demonstrated a proof-of-concept exploit that used a zero-day vulnerability in order to achieve remote code execution (RCE) on the target smartphone.

This team also was able to hack Adobe Flash with a combination of a decade-old, use-after-free zero-day vulnerability and a win32k kernel flaw to win a $120k prize.

Also the well known iPhone Jailbraking team Pangu, discovered a Safari exploit that used a privilege escalation zero-day flaw, giving them root access on Apple’s updated Safari browser running on MacOS Sierra in just 20 seconds.

In the end of the day Qihoo 360 team went home with whopping prize money of $520,000.