Just few days back Apple introduced its new Macbook Pro with Touch Bar, But that new macbook pro will cost you alot of money if you want to own one. The entry level macbook pro 13-inch model is priced at $1,500, which is a high price to pay for its relatively middling specs. And it doesn’t have the fancy new Touch Bar, either.

But one thing that you cannot complain about after owning a mac that is comprehensive Apple ecosystem and the joy of Mac OS. But still if you find new macbook expensive and can’t live without windows then here are top 3 alternative :

  •  HP Spectre : spectre_saf_gallery_zoom2

    This laptop feature a beautiful design which is thinner, and lighter than the new base MacBook Pro. All that with better specs and a lower price. This laptop also has one more USB-C port than the new base MacBook Pro.


    – Core i7 7500U 3.5GHz

    – 8GB RAM

    – 256GB SSD

    – 13.3-inch 1080p screen

    – 2.45 lbs

    – 3x USB-C port (one with Thunderbolt)

     Price : $1,250 from HP. 

  • Acer Aspire S13


Comes in at For $400 for which you get slight thinner design then the current new macbook pro more powerful laptop with more storage and of course with 3 USB ports.


– Core i7 6500U 2.5GHz


– 512GB SSD

– 13.3-inch 1080p touchscreen

– 3 lbs

– 1x USB-C port

– 2x USB 3 ports

Price : $1,000 from Amazon.

  • HP Spectre X360 13t-touch


    This laptop comes in with a superior and newer processor while being thinner and lighter than the new base MacBook Pro. Laptop also features two USB – C ports and regular USB 3 port.


– Core i7 7200U 2.7GHz


– 256GB SSD

– 13.3-inch 1080p touchscreen

– 2.85 lbs

– 2x USB-C port

– 1x USB 3 port

Price : $1,050 from HP