Today Apple unveiled its next generation of Macbook Pro series with addition of Touch Bar.

So called Touch Bar was leaked before few days ago, This Touch Bar replaces the row of keys and will allow app-specific commands to be displayed on the keyboard. The new macbook pro also features second generation version of the butterfly keyboard on the 12-inch MacBook for the Pro.

Apple also adds 2nd generation of its Touch ID sensor covered with a sapphire crystal has been included to the right of the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro. The touch id on new macbook pro also allows multiple profiles on their MacBook Pro quickly switch between them using a fingerprint.

Lets talk more about the Touch Bar, This new feature can help you to create a new button for message, replying, or moving an email to the trash. In Safari, you can preview tabs and switch through them using the Touch Bar, open a new tab, or go to one of your sites without having to use the trackpad or you can swipe through your images in Photos with previews, scrub through videos, and make edits like rotating photos, cropping, and adding filters. You can also customize the Touch Bar, and add the features and buttons to match your workflow.

Company also added a second generation version of the butterfly keyboard on the 12-inch MacBook for the Pro and also has doubled the size of the force touch trackpad. There is also improvement done in speaker department, According to apple the new speakers have “twice the dynamic range of audio”

Apple still shows some mercy for the headphone jack and is still giving headphone jack in its new macbook, also swaps out the USB ports, HDMI port, and power port of previous models for four Thunderbolt 3 ports that can serve those purposes and others.