Apple just unveiled its next flagship which is iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Which to apple is”most advanced iPhone ever”.

iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus :

Talking about the specs it is powered by A10 Fusion chip made by Apple. Just like the other top phones in the market out there the A10 chip is able to separate performance and two efficiency cores, which means that the battery in the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus is same but it has  better battery life because less power will be used when performing non-taxing tasks like checking your email.

Camera on the iPhone 7 is although the same optical image stabilisation, a 12MP main camera with a bigger aperture, a six-element lens and the ability to capture a wider gamut of colours. But iPhone 7 Plus gets a big update in this area with same camera system, as well as a second 12MP telephoto lens that provides an optical 2x zoom. The camera will also work together to sense the depth of a scene and apply a blur only to the background for portrait pictures, but that feature won’t be available until a software update to come later.The rear flash is now brighter and photographers can capture images in RAW format.

Before the actual event there were many reports suggesting us that Apple is killing the aux port and also removing that click-able home button and replacing it with the new home button powered by ‘taptic engine’ which is the same thing that we currently see in the trackpad of 12inch macbook. – This all reports are true Apple confirms it.

The main reason behind removing that clickable home button and that Aux port is mainly for the 2 reasons : one to make the device more slim and second to give it a IP67 standard rating for water and dust resistant.

Speakers in the iPhone 7’s now are replaced with new stereo speakers and as far as connecting your earpods goes now you will be able to connect the earpods directly to the lighting port thanks to the adapter that apple will provide in the box.

As far as the display department is concern it gets a wider gamut of colours for “cinema-standard colours”But the resolution remains the same.

Now as far as the color goes you get all those standard silver, gold and rose gold (pink) finishes but this time apple decides to take things to a new level by introducing two versions of black: One the high gloss “jet black” which looks absolutely  stunning  and the second matte finish one.

Both of this new finishes have downsides on its own as the jet black option will be a fingerprint magnet and will be very slippery and the matte finish will be in a high risk of getting scratch  easily.

as far the price tag is goes

The iPhone 7:

  • £599 for 32GB
  • £699 for 128GB
  • £799 for 256GB

The iPhone 7 Plus:

  • £719 for 32GB
  • £819 for 128GB
  • £919 for 256GB

You can Pre-order the Phone from 9th September from the official apple site.