Apple along the side of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus also released its second generation of its most personal device Apple watch which is named as “Apple Watch Series 2”

The previous Apple watch was splash proof now apple watch gets ability to swim that laps in the swimming thanks to its water proof body.

The screen features the brightest display Apple has ever shipped, twice as bright as the original Apple Watch, to make reading information easier in outdoor conditions.

Apple also update the casing that apple watch come in with, the first generation Apple watch had an aluminum case while the new generation comes in with either aluminum, silver or black stainless steel or white ceramic ( which replaces the gold line up)

Apple also announced its special Nike + edition Apple watch which is build with nike and is totally focused for the fit one one who loves to run.

The new Apple watch also gets more faster thanks to the new new S2 dual core processor, which is twice as fast as the chip that powered the original device. Apple also introduced its new GPU for better graphics performance too. The Series 2 watch has an in-built GPS to measure distance, pace and speed even when you don’t take your iPhone with you, but that won’t be coming to Series 1.

The aluminum sport version of the Apple Watch Series 2 will start at $369, as will the Nike+ edition. The original Apple Watch is being rebranded as Series 1 and will start at $269, Just like the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus preorders starts on September 9th, while the watchOS 3 update will go live on September 13th with iOS 10.