September is here which means its time for apple announcements. On September 7th as we all know that Apple is holding an event to unveil the next generation of its biggest products.

From the currents reports regarding the products which are set to be announced in the event it appears that the event will be an interesting launch.

iPhone 7 : 

its time for new generation of iPhone, Which will have almost different design then the current 6 series. The new iPhone 7 will have a cleaner look, with some (but not all) of those unsightly antenna lines disappearing off the back.

No headphone jack, this part makes the iPhone 7 more interesting. From all the reports and leaks it appears that Apple is all set to ditch that headphone jack in its latest flagship due to which we can see a new generation of earpods which can be either : new EarPods that terminate in a Lightning connector instead of a headphone jack, or that Apple will make wireless earbuds, supposedly called AirPods.

The new iPhone will also not have click-able home button, just like the way apple did with its slim macbook track pad, this time in iphone apple is replacing that clickable home button with an pressure-sensitive and use haptic feedback to make it feel like you’re pushing it in, even though it won’t physically move.

Of course the new iPhone 7 will be fast with new processors, maybe more RAM, and something that gets described as “magical.” The removal of the headphone jack has people suggesting that the iPhone 7 could be more water resistant, though it’s not clear if the phone will actually be waterproof. The phone will probably get a little bit thinner.

Apple is also removing the 16 GB storage option in its entry-level iPhones and replaces it with 32 GB model as the entry level iPhone.

There are many reports suggesting that apple will also unveil iPhone  7 with a more black shade just like the shade the Apple watch sports has.

Here is the list of thing which we are NOT expecting in iPhone 7 that is dual sim tray, a blue color option, wireless charging.

Other then iPhone 7 apple will also announce new generation of Apple Watch with GPS, faster performance, a bigger battery, a barometer, and the ability to do more things over Wi-Fi.