Apple may adopt samsung’s most iconic curved screen phone design.

According to the Nikkei Asian Review, Apple seems to offer 3 different and distinct iPhone models next year : a 4.7 inch model which will cost less as compare to the other models, a 5.5 inch iPhone and finally a premium iPhone which will feature dual screen bent on the sides.

Also samsung is expected to be the primary provider for these panels (irony game on point). What will that extra screen on the side will offer is still a question, Does apple will be able to add some serious feature there or things will be copy and pasted from the features that current samsung edge phones has, this part makes things more exciting.

Apple is also expected to bring OLED screen for its top curved screen iphone and traditional LCD screen for its rest of the two iPhones reaming.  The reason to choose OLED for the top end phone is an good idea here because OLED is thinner, lighter and more flexible than LCDs Also is more power efficient, giving you more bang out of a single battery charge and of course it is more crispy then LCD.

Adding a new iPhone model will also increase the cluster that iPhone line up has recently got, as before it had just the one iPhone. But now we will have three products per generation or four if you consider “SE” models. Having options is a good thing but still i have a mixed feelings about that.