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Today SpaceX successfully lands its Falcon 9 rocket on a floating drone ship. The rocket launched a Japanese communications satellite into orbit.

Things were not simple for Space X at this time as the rocket was also carrying its onboard satellite called JCSAT-16 into the GTO (geostationary transfer orbit). In order to reach GTO, it takes a lot of speed and also uses a huge amount of fuel during take off.

Things are not done yet the rocket still has to face extreme velocities and re-entry heating while returning back to earth.

Winning against all the problems, Space X managed to land three rockets bound for GTO — including tonight’s vehicle. This makes company  to face more success then failures.

In total, space X attempted  11 rockets for landing over 2 years out of which 6 of the falcon 9 rockets have successfully made it back to Earth in tact.

Space X despite of the many failed landing attempts still have not re-used any of its failed rockets, but company has plans to relaunch its very  first reused rocket  which first landed in April, According to CEO Elon Musk company is currently planning to do so in September or October .

The idea of using a reused rockets can be a very sweet idea for space X as according to Space News, this will lead to a 30 percent reduction in launch costs.