Power banks are life saver when you run out of juice on your phone, But a big problem that most of the power banks has that they are  very slow in charging your phone.

Thanks to Anker, they made a power bank which supports Quick charge 3.o technology, for starters you will need a device which supports Quick Charge 3.o which currently only include phones like LG G5 and HTC 10.

The Quick charge technology works by talking to your phone to figure out exactly how much power is needed to reduce the charging time.

The power bank is called PowerCore 10000 with Quick Charge 3.0 which is no longer then your palm and is perfect for people who loves to travel. As far as the testing goes i tested this tiny guy on my G5 having a battery of 19% then after 35 min. I was able to get a 84% of my battery charged up.

If those 10000 mAh is not enough for you then anker also offer a big brother that packs in 20000 mAh which is called PowerCore 20000 which is defiantly not as compact and slim like the PowerCore 10000 but still it is really light weight and slim as compared to the other ones out there in the market.

There also an good news for the people having phones that supports Quick charge 2.0 that is this both of the power bank also supports quick charge 2.0

As far as the pricing and availability is concern you can easily find them in Amazon at a good price tag.