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Here we have One Plus 3 from a not so new company One Plus. We all pretty much know one plus for offering a phone which has high specs and low price. It all started with One Plus One which got a fair attention from tech community, last year one plus came up with there second phone that One Plus 2 that created a huge hype in tech world.

Now one plus does it third time with One Plus 3, it actually failed to create that level of hype that One Plus 2 got before the launching but that doesn’t matter.

One Plus is best at providing high specs with low price as compared to the top dogs at the market, Its fast, its beautifully designed, Stunning camera, crispy display and fast charging technology.

Now lets talk about design, its is an important area in a smartphone. One Plus completely understands that and brings the best design that any one plus phone ever had. One plus this time chooses to go with a unibody aluminum finish and says good bye to  polycarbonate back that previous One plus phone had.

Sandstone finish was iconic in previous one plus phone but this time company says good-bye to it, but if you are a die hard sandstone finish fan then one plus has got your back. One Plus also offers sandstone finish cases for its One plus 3 so that you don’t miss sandstone much.


The result after removing that sandstone finish and replacing it with matte aluminum played the trick. The phone feels super premium when you hold it. But that design does not brake the market, One plus takes clues from HTC’s design and also from iPhone 6s bottom speaker and aux placement which is not a bad thing.

This mixture of design element does not make it unique among the other phone out there, But the design still works. One thing that One Plus got perfect in the design is the edges. The edges are lightly curved so as not to be sharp or uncomfortable to hold that is something that company’s like Samsung and htc took years to perfect and One Plus got that right in just 3 years.

The design also has that annoying big camera hump which is very annoying sometimes. One Plus should have filled that extra space with battery.

Thickness of the phone is also perfect – not too thin nor too thick, But it is quite slim. The phone is 7.35mm thick in the middle, but it tapers down near the edges. There is also an down point in using aluminum instead of sandstone back is the marks it gets after using it for good amount of time. Its not finger print magnet but can easily catch up oils marks on your hands. You can fix that problem by putting a case or skin but that will also loose that premium feel that phone has.

There is a compromise behind the thinner design that is users are getting a smaller battery compared to the One Plus 2 that comes in that a battery capacity of 33000 mAh battery  where else the new One Plus 3 comes in with a 3000 mAh battery.

One Plus added a new feature in One Plus 3 to take care of that small battery that is “Dash Charging”. The new One Plus 3 just like the OP2 comes with USB-C but this time its supports One Plus fast charging solution (Dash Charging), Just like the other fast charging technology out in market this charging solution from one plus can charge up most of the phones battery in just few minutes.


The dash charging from One Plus works little bit differently then the rest of them, Most of the fast charging phone regulate the current  into the phone as a result the phone gets extremely hot but in One Plus 3 the power brick itself is able to regulate the current and as a result the device doesn’t get more hot then the rest. This also a reason behind the huge power brick you get with the One Plus 3.


There is a downside in dash charging that is in order to have quick charging, you have to use the charger and cable that come in the box with the OnePlus 3 — other quick chargers or USB-C cables will only charge the device at standard speeds. OnePlus is selling a compatible car charger and additional wall chargers for $29.95 and $19.95, respectively.

One Plus always listens to its users, Next year with One Plus 2 majority of the users missed the NFC chip but now with One Plus 3 finally adds a NFC chip and it works for anything that supports NFC, including Android Pay and accessories that have tap-to-pair features.

Talking about the design again the bezels are just perfect they are thin and nice which gives a good grip while holding the phone. Next to the bezel there comes a 5.5 inch 1080p AMOLED display. Which is  again a downside of the one plus 3, as comparing it to the S7 and HTC 10. According to Mr.Pei it was a “conscious choice” to use a 1080p screen in place of a higher-resolution option, as it provides better performance and heat management than more pixel-dense screens.

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In real life testing the display is pretty bright, vibrant, and at 401ppi, plenty sharp enough,Viewing angles are excellent, though, with no substantial dimming or color cast at off angles. But the display still lacks that extra pixel that you need in VR.

Comparing the outdoor visibility of the One Plus 3 with the One Plus 2 or any other 2016 flagship it lacks the brightness. Even if you push the brightness option all the way up then it’s not pleasant. Likewise, the low end of the brightness scale is too bright.

Next to the display comes the Finger Print sensor, which is very fast and reliable. It is a major improvement over the finger print sensor that the one plus 2 has. Personally for me this is the second most fastest finger print sensor that i have ever used right next to the iPhone 6s. There were only few handful moment where the device was not able to read my fingerprint. Also the new improved finger print sensor handles angles very nicely as compared to other smartphones if you put your finger at a different angle then One Plus 3 in seconds unlocks the device where else most the phone are not able to read the fingerprint or takes a long time to do so.

The button placement is good, Ever button are easily to identify.The power and volume buttons are on the right and left edges, respectively. The buttons are very tactile and easy to press. One Plus also keeps the alert switch that was first introduced in One plus 2, it is a three-position slider. The gist is that you can slide up one click to get priority notification mode, then slide up again to get silent. The problem is that Android doesn’t really support a hardware control for notifications, which causes some issues and i really wanted a option to invert the order of the modes.

There is also an option for on-screen or capacitive buttons.The on-screen ones have a few small customization options, but you get  more if you choose  physical buttons below the screen, some of them include double-tap the home button to put the phone to sleep , or long-press one of the other buttons to launch the camera or go to the last open app.

Now lets talk about the things that you get under the hood, One Plus 3 packs a Snapdragon 820 processor which is the same chip you will find inside the S7, HTC 10, and LG G5 and a whooping 6GB of RAM in the OnePlus 3 is actually more than you’ll get in any other smartphone right now.


After testing this beast specs in my testing there was no performance problems things were smooth has butter it handles everything from messaging to multitasking to gaming with ease.

Everyone is much hyped with a question that how is the 6GB of RAM does work ? Well it has issues, The RAM management is odd. Everyone expects a 6GB phone to handlea lot of apps in memory but in real testing it is the same as the other non 6GB RAM works by aggressively closing apps.

In testing i was not able to use the whole 6GB of RAM at its maximum it only uses 4GB of RAM OnePlus responded to this issue, which is where we bring the battery back into things. According to Carl Pei, the OnePlus 3 limits the number of running apps in order to benefit the battery.

So here is the answer One Plus 3 uses 6GB of RAM to increase its battery life, As i said before the battery life is good but if you are any how able to use those 6GB RAM for performance then the battery would be going down all the way up to good to garbage level. So that 6GB of RAM in the specsheet is pretty much useless, In my opinion One Plus should either have gone with larger battery or with 4GB of RAM – You are paying for a 6GB RAM which is not fully utilized

The phone comes with 64GB of storage — there are no options beyond that Pei says that few customers bought the entry level OnePlus 2 that had 16GB of storage, so efforts were focused on the most popular model this time around.

Since the One Plus One company has always been working hard to improve its camera, Now with One Plus 3 you get a 16-megapixel camera which is improved then the camera present on the One Plus 2.  The improved camera has a f/2.0 aperture lens, optical image stabilization, and 4K video capability.


Launching the camera is very fast and so is the focus. The camera is able to shoot good photos in both good and poor lighting. But comparing the camera with the S7 it cannot give a good fight to that guy. Colors are accurate and images are sharp and detailed. There is an downside however that is the camera is so much depended on optical stabilization which highly extend the shutter speed. Also the white balance in indoor situations tends to be too warm which makes it the most noticeable problem in the camera department.

One Plus is working hard to develop its own Oxygen OS which is based on Android 6.0, But the version that you get inside One plus 3 appears to be more reliable, smooth and polished. The software is very close in appearance to the software that ships on Nexus devices.


There are many useful feature in this OS which is borrowed from the rest of the phones. You can double-tap the home button or the power button to launch the camera, or you can wave your hand  over the display to see the clock and any new notifications or you can double-tap the screen to wake it up.

Thanks to One Plus, the OS is free from the bloatware and garbage apps pushed on phones by carriers.the only preinstalled apps on the phone are basic file management, image gallery, and music playing apps.

Don’t get carried away by the Oxgen OS as with previous One plus 2 was promised to get Android Marshmallow as soon as the new software was announced last fall, but after months of delays. So there is still a big question that how long it will take from the company to give its One plus 3 owner software updates ? We are not saying it will take a long time but its a big possibility.

One of the common system that the One Plus one and the One Plus 2 had in common was the invite system and it was the most annoying and hated too, as to buy the one plus one and the One Plus 2 previously the buyers needed to obtain an invite to buy the phone but now thanks to one plus that annoying invite system is all gone so now can buy the phone directly without  an invite.

In the end, One Plus 2 was a bit flop despite of  the hype it got but in 2016 one plus did a good job to turn things around. The One Plus 3 is not perfect but if you count the rights over the wrongs – the rights wins. The Phone gets matured with its metal design, improves its fingerprint capabilities, Camera is reliable, Software is smooth and free from bloatware, Also gets its very first fast charging technology.

Good Stuff :

  • Great design and built quality
  • Fast performance
  • Great display
  • Fast charging technology

Bad Stuff

  • No SD card expansion
  • annoying camera hump
  • Fast charging technology is limited to included cable and power brick.
  • Release of the software update is slow