If you are a iPhone user then defiantly there will be some stock apps which you will place in side a folder and save up some space for your fav. apps. Now you no longer need to place those unwanted pre- install apps inside folder.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.54.04 PM

Now with iOS 10, Apple gives freedom to its user to delete some of the stock apps and download them again later. All the major apps are visible within the App Store.

Apple never talked about this on the stage,Neither Tim Cook nor software boss Craig Federighi discussed any “unbundling” of apps from iOS 10.

You cannot delete every app, as on our developer preview we are unable to delete apps likeMessages, Photos, and Camera cannot be deleted. The main reason behind this can be that they’re tied too deeply to the system to be uninstalled.

As said above that apple never mentioned this on stage but company now has a help page on removing built-in apps, warning of some small issues you might run into once you do. User data gets removed along with the apps.

If you remove weather, for example, the weather will no longer appear in Notification Center or on your Apple Watch. If you remove Music, you’ll lose it inside CarPlay.

Here’s the full list of stuff that can currently be removed, direct from Apple :