There were rumours suggesting that Apple will change the name “OSX” to “MacOS” are correct. Apple today officially changed the name of “OSX” to “MacOS” to match the it with rest of the OS name such as WatchOS, iOS and tvOS.

After El Capitan the new name for MacOS is “Sierra”. The main focus in MacOS Sierra is Continuity, iCloud and creating a better Mac experience. For unlocking your mac you can easily use your apple watch to unlock and lock it.

Another feature which sounds small but save a ton of time is called Universal Clipboard, which allows copy and paste links and text across devices.

Siri finally comes to Mac. Now siri lives right in the dock and can be used for a number of things, including the normal tasks like creating calendar events or checking the weather, but also for browsing the Web or searching through files.

When Siri returns your results, you can interact with them. In one example, Apple showed how a user might drag Siri’s Web search results right into a document. It also works for messaging, in case you want to send an iMessage, or to query results for new movies.

Apple also bring Apple pay in safari so now you can pay for stuff right from Apple build right in the safari.

The update is coming to beta users in July and will be available as a free upgrade to all OS X/macOS users with in the fall.