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Today at WWDC Apple announces its latest mobile software “iOS 10”, According to company it is the biggest update that iOS has ever received.

As it the 10th iOS update Apple’s Craig Federighi describes 10 major new features in the new OS. First of all iPhone is now able to wake it self up by simply lifting the phone up, which will give you glance on your notifications.

In addition to that there new notifications look significantly different and, with the use of a 3D Touch, you can respond to and interact with the app sending them immediately.

Apple also opens up siri to developer due to which now you can ask siri to send a whatsapp message to your friend.  Right now apps like Slack, WeChat, and WhatsApp for communication, as well as Uber, Didi in China, Runtastic, Runkeeper, MapMyRun, and Skype (among others) for VoIP calls are supported.

iMessage is one of the app which gets major changes and features. Our most loved emoji gets 3X bigger, also iOS 10 can highlight “emojifiable” words, which you’ll be able to just tap and automatically turn into emoji.iOS 10 will allow you to say things using larger or smaller type. Messages is also getting bubble effects, which are just cute animations when displaying messages. Apple Music is integrated into Messages.

With iOS 10 siri get more smarter as she now  suggests suggestions based on your current location, calendar availability, contact information, recent addresses, and more. If you have followed Google’s IO this year then yes this the similar idea based on deep learning.

This deep learning based system turns out to be a big feature for the photo app. Now iOS can detect object and scenes for more powerful search and sorting on your device. A big thanks to apple as this all AI stuff happens right in your device meaning your stuff is not uploaded on apple’s system for sorting instead your own device does that job which highly protects your privacy.

Apple Maps gets all-new design in iOS 10. Maps will offer nearby restaurant suggestions and its redesigned look is extending to navigation: the UI is cleaner and includes traffic information. If there’s a lot of traffic ahead, Maps will proactively offer you an alternative route and note how much time it would save. It’s part of Apple CarPlay, naturally, and will also channel turn-by-turn directions right into your car’s instrument cluster if you want it.

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Apple Music gets design clean up. The new design is new, simpler interface makes the music king, implicitly acknowledging that the old UI was a tiny bit convoluted. All the tabs are unchanged but the most needed features arrives in Apple music that is lyrics.

Apple news get minor updates like all-new News interface design has some visual affinities. Also the app is now able to notify you braking news notification on your lock screen. Apple also adds subscriptions for the news app.

The phone app gets voicemail transcriptions so that you can see what messages have been received without having to listen to them. Also now you can detect when an unknown caller is potentially phone spam and will label those calls as such.

So when you will get your hands on ? Apple will release iOS 10 later this fall, and yes it will be a free update. Device which will support iOS 10 are : iPhone 5 and higher, iPod touch 6th gen, iPad mini 2 and higher, and iPad 4th generation and the subsequent iPad Air and iPad Pro models.

If you can’t wait till fall and want to get iOS 10 Beta then Apple is opening public beta testing program this july, so head over to apple’s website and register.