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Today at WWDC 2016 Apple unveils its next generation of Watch OS. The headline feature is much faster app performance thanks to something called Instant Launch.

According to apple apps will launch up to seven times faster than on watchOS 2, Plus Apple has revamped much of the user interface to make it easier to access apps and information and add the ability to write characters with your finger to reply to messages.

New in interface there is a Control Center, which is accessed via a swipe up from the bottom of the display. The side button has been remapped to launch the dock of recent and running apps instead of the contacts menu. Apple has also added a few new watch faces, including a Minnie Mouse version and new one that more prominently shows activity progress.

There is also a new feature which allows you to call 911 in just a few seconds by holding down the side button. Apple is taking feature internationally by automatically call the correct emergency help number in whatever country you happen to be in.

Fitness is one of the key feature that most of the apple users uses and apple makes good updates in that area. Now company is announcing a new fitness app for it. The new app lets users connect with others to see activity and progress and send messages and heart rates to others. The activity tracking for wheelchair users has also been greatly improved, with “time to roll” alerts in place of time to stand.

There is an dedicated app which lets which encourage relaxation and breathing techniques, the app is called “Breathe”.