Apple made it clear that it hates moving parts in its devices, The recent example of that is the  macbook’s keyboard and trackpad.

With the iPhone 6s apple showed how force touch can change the way you use your phone and with a recent patent company may has plans to bring force touch in keyboard. Apple describes it as a “force-sensitive input structure for electronic devices.” Essentially, it’s a flat metal surface with sensors underneath that can tell where you’re pressing and how hard.

The best part of this idea is you can easily reconfigured and optimized to match whatever you’re doing, whether that’s gaming, coding or writing.

The design might also include “micro-perforations” where light could shine through to outline the keys. This would presumably use a lot less battery than a full-sized touchscreen.

Once again to remember the fact its just a patent and company like apple do patent tons of ideas like this and due to which it is very hard to figure out which is coming out in the future device.


Source : USPTO