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Google is now experimenting mobile payments service that allows you to make purchases without ever touching your phone.

Its called Hands Free, Which is a app made by Google which allows users to buy items solely with voice commands. Few stores in the Bay Area are supported by this app to make payment.

If we look at the working of the rest like Apple pay or android pay which uses NFC to make payment possible. Google’s  iOS and Android app uses a combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and location services to detect when you’re at a store that is set up to for Hands Free.

Something that is wonderful about this is smartphone without a NFC chip can use Handsfree.

what the future of mobile payments could look like

To use Hands free download the app, Set up the app with your credit card information and photo. When you reach the checkout at a participating store you say, “I want to pay with Google,” to complete your transaction.

The cashier will verify your identity by checking the photo linked to your Hands Free account and by asking you for your initials.

Few McDonald’s and ‘s locations in the Bay are supported with Hands Free.