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Samsung entres 360-degree imaging market with a new camera called the Gear 360. This camera was announced along with S7 and S7 edge in Unpacked  at Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona.

This 360 camera from samsung is tiny double-lensed sphere of a camera that’s supposed to make shooting and sharing 360-degree photos and videos easy and approachable. The bottom of camera is flat for rest and it also features a standard tripod mount.

From the outside the gear 360 is mostly featureless on the outside, with just menu, record, and power buttons and a tiny monochrome PMOLED screen dotting the white plastic finish.

There’s also a slot for the microSD card (up to 128GB supported) and a swappable battery, both of which are hidden behind a small door. The camera is only splash-proof and dust resistant.

The Gear 360 work similarly to other dual-lens 360-degree cameras that are in the market. Each of the opposing f2.0 lenses has an extremely wide 195-degree field of view, and the resulting 15 degrees of overlap helps the software stitch the two images together.

You need to pull the files off the Gear 360 and use a companion app to do that stitching. The new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are the only phones that can do this with the Gear 360 right now.