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Currently if you look at every VR headset that are available in the market are depended on other devices for working.

Samsung’s Gear VR and Google Cardboard both need smartphone, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which connect to an expensive PC and PlayStation VR, which connects to a PlayStation 4.

Google is one of the company which knows this issue and is working to fix this. According to WSJ Google is developing a VR headset that is entirely self-contained and doesn’t need a smartphone, computer or a game console to work – finally !

Looking at the VR Headset market  currently, Samsung leads the segment. By introducing a VR headset like this Google is clearly targeting Samsung Gear VR.

The VR Headset from Google will have a screen, high-performance processors made by Movidius and outward-facing cameras.  The processor will use the cameras’ feeds to track the motion of the user’s head.

Google is also working on improving VR Headset features in Android. According to report “One change would allow a phone to stay on even when it hasn’t been touched for a while”

So lets see how much Google’s Headset  will cost. Samsung offers  Gear VR for $99 which will only work with limited  samsung devices. The Oculus Rift costs $600 and will need an high-end PC for it to work properly.

Talking about the price now is bit tricky and if Google’s next VR Headset will not need any device for it to work then defiantly it will be a big hit from Google to all the other makers out there.

So when Google is launching this ?  Things are not pretty sure yet, But we can expect Google to introduce this guy in Google I/O 2016.

One thing is pretty sure that Google is very serious about the VR, As by introducing Google Cardboard back in that time company showed its high interest in VR. A big advancement in VR can be underway.