According to Vodafone 5G is isn’t too far, Company’s Australian chief technology officer Benoit Hanssen told reporters at an event in Sydney Tuesday he believes Australia will soon have the super-speedy mobile service.

Hanssen said he believes Australia will be among the first countries to adopt 5G by 2020, “plus or minus a year here or there.”

Australia adopted the smartphone enthusiastically — smartphone penetration is one of the highest in the world,There is a readiness to adopt new things, and you have a population that can largely afford to adopt new things.We do think that as [5G] comes out, Australia will be there. – Benoit Hanssen

Since 2011 Australia has 4G, According to Hanssen 4G is used by 70% of Vodafone users and company is expecting to have 90% users using 4G in 2016.

Vodafone struck a deal with telecommunications service provider TPG to extend its fibre network, putting the company in a better position to bring 5G Down Under.

In 2015, British scientists claimed they broke speed records during tests of 5G data connections, reaching one terabit per second. According to the BBC, with such a speed, it “would be theoretically possible to download a file 100 times the size of a feature film in about three seconds.”

Its not only Vodafone which is working hard to bring 5G first but another of Australia’s large mobile providers, Telstra, has also indicated it’s on the 5G bandwagon. At Telstra’s 2015 annual results briefing, former CEO Andrew Penn confirmed reports the network aims to bring 5G to Australia by 2020.