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CES is here and samsung is all set to tease its upcoming technology. In main hallway at CES you will find massive banners advertising a new smart fridge with a massive screen.

Looking at the banner itself it looks like a a huge smartphone pasted over one of the doors of the fridge. What is really interesting here that is it has Android-style capacitive buttons on the bottom.

All we can expect here is a new smart fridge from samsung.  You’ll be able to make grocery lists, read news, listen to music, and leave digital Post-It note reminders. We are also expecting voice input so you can give commands to your fridge hands free.

Samsung is also teasing “Groceries by MasterCard” says that you can “Browse & Buy”. The upcoming smart fridge from samsung also features Pandora, calendar, and weather.

More details on this will be out in CES next week.