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The suit filed by Chaim Lerman and more than 100 others. According to them the iOS 9 update provided by Apple made there iPhone 4s slow in terms of performance.

Lerman is blaming Apple for not warning users that the update would slow their phone. This is pointing to company’s website which says the iOS 9 update promises faster performance. Plaintiffs are seeking more than $5 million in damages.

The logic is simple is here, the new software are made  to run on the latest hardware and can handled stuff which is way far complicated than ages ago.  None of the core parts of the phone slowed down but they are struggling to run todays latest software, as a result the performance is affected.

Some people also claimed that  this is a dirty trick played by Apple. As company intentionally making there older phones slow by proving this updates due to which the phone performs slower and users are forced to update to newer model of the phone.


via : Techspot