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Today Google confirmed that a new way to sign into your Google account without having to type in a password.

Instead, those who have been invited to try this new method of logging in authenticate by responding to a notification sent to their smartphone.

All you need to do is enter your email address when you’re signing into your Google account and a notification will pop up on your phone asking you if you’re trying to sign in from another device and you can Approve the login by tapping “yes”

“We’ve invited a small group of users to help test a new way to sign-in to their Google accounts, no password required. ‘Pizza’, ‘password’ and ‘123456’ – A Google spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch  

Currently some people are getting invitation to try this new feature in the testing group. The group is called “Sign-In Experiments at Google. While the link to the group is public, you can’t view or participate without a direct invitation.

Google did not comment on when it plans on expanding access to more testers or the broader public. The password-free sign in process works on both iOS and Android at present.