Researchers at google programmed a type of chat that learns how to respond in conversations based on examples from a training set of dialogue.

Google’s researchers asked the bots the meaning of life and here is the answer :

Human: What is the purpose of life?

Machine: To serve the greater good.

Human: What is the purpose of living?

Machine: To live forever.

Human: Where are you now?

Machine: I’m in the middle of nowhere.

Human: What is the purpose of dying?

Machine: To have a life.

Human: What is the purpose of emotions?

Machine: I don’t know.

Human: What is moral?

Machine: What empowered humanity, what intellectual the essence is.

Human: What is immoral?

Machine: The fact that you have a child.

Human: What is morality?

Machine: What is altruism?

Human: What is the definition of altruism?

Machine: If you don ‘t believe in god, then you don’t know.

Human: OK…so what is the definition of morality?

Machine: Well, the truth is, you ‘re not a believer in god almighty.

Human: Tell me the definition of morality, I am quite upset now!

Machine: I’m not ashamed of being a philosopher!

Human: What do you think about Bill Gates?

Machine: He’s a good man.

Encouraging that the model can remember facts, understand contexts, perform common sense reasoning without the complexity in traditional pipelinesand that it could generalize to new questions – Researchers at google 

If you wish to read more then visit Google’s research paper


via :  Google’s research paper