Tesla is one of the most luxury automakers in the market, and today company updated its store to add new apparel and accessories, including new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus leather cases and wallets.

Tesla is offering a case made out of from automotive-grade leather leftover from making the interior of its cars.

Tesla really played a good trick here that is by offering a case made out of leftover leather which was supposed to be used inside the car, Company got a new way to promote itself and reduce leather loss.

This is something that most of the iPhone users are looking for, if you are one of those who hates to put on that cheap plastic or rubber case on your iPhone then tesla’s case is for you.

So if you are planning to pick this guy up then this will cost you $45 and $50 will get you a credit card slots stitched to the back of the case. You can order it from “tesla’s Design Collection” website.