According to 9to5mac apple is expected to conduct a event in March 2016, In which company will unveil Apple’s second generation of its most personal device that is Apple Watch and company is also working on new “iPhone 6c” with a 4-inch display.

According to 9to5mac, apple is been working on new camera, wireless,sleep tracking, and health sensor technologies for the wearable device, But things are pretty unclear that which of these new addition will be coming to Apple Watch 2 in march.

Also, we will see “iPhone 6C” in march 2016. We all know Apple is a big fan of small sized phone, as company adapted the new bigger sized phone trend pretty late. iPhone 6C is the perfect place for Apple to ship a small sized phone of 4-inch display.

Phone size is something that differs from person to person. Some find iPhone 6s Plus small and some find iPhone 6s big for daily use. So by adding a 4 inch phone company can ensure it is selling phone in almost every size that people find convenient to use daily.

As far as the specs goes 9to5mac tells us “The device’s technical specifications will fall somewhere between the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s”, Some rumours also suggest that Apple will use its iPhone A9 chip to power up the iPhone 6C.