Apple are already getting hyped about the upcoming iPhone 7 which is coming next year. There are some early rumours suggesting that iPhone 7 will have a waterproof and dustproof design, as well as a new casing material.

G For Games reports that Apple is currently in the process of testing five different iPhone 7 models, all with distinct differences. The report also claims that Apple is testing USB -C in place of Lightning connector, Apple is also testing various models with wireless charging technology, multi-touch Force Touch, dual cameras, and in-display fingerprint recognition.

Also, multi-touch Force Touch/3D Touch would mean that you could press harder with two fingers to bring up different options than what appears when you press harder with one finger.

In-display fingerprint recognition would presumably allow for Apple to eliminate the home button entirely, something that has been tossed around for a long time now.

Also there have been reports early this week that apple will remove headphone jack in iPhone 7 due its crazy thin design.