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The One plus is the company which already makes best phone under a budget, But One plus goes a next ahead and introduces its One Plus X  – a phone which feels and looks like the most high end smartphone at a unbelievable price of $249.

One plus X has a 5-inch AMOLED display with 1080 x 1920 resolution, instead of an LCD one, 3GB of memory and a 13 MP shooter and a 7.6MP front-facing one. You can expand the storage by a SD card to a whopping 128 GB .

The specs are pretty amazing according to a price you pay but there is a big disappointment in processing area, One plus x uses Snapdragon 801 processor. Which was used in smartphones 18 months ago. The One Plus also lacks a NFC.

One Plus said it has borrowed ideas from iPhone/Nexus 4/Xperia which is good thing in my opinion. The One Plus X feels very good in hand and so called “micro-cuts” present in the side of the phone which makes this phone very grippy to hold.

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One plus also offers One plus x in “Onyx version” which follows the similar design that we have seen in iphone 4. The device have glass at the back and of course due to that the device looks more beautiful but it has its own problems like finger prints marks and if by chance you drop it then get ready see that shattered glass.


One Plus X also comes in a limited edition version called “Ceramic”. The manufacturing process is complex so one plus just 10,000 of them. The manufacturing process includes heating raw zirconia for 28 hours, and takes 25 days in total from start to finish. This ceramic version costs you around $400.

One plus x rocks on one plus very own  OS called “OxygenOS” which does a very good job of giving users a smooth and better experience, due to the OS you will not feel that you are using an phone which has pretty outdated specs.

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The battery life on one plus x is decent, if you are a Twitter, gaming, Facebook and Instagram type guy then one plus x will not disappoint you .The X’s AMOLED display might be a boon to the battery as well; OnePlus takes advantage of the screen by making a lot of OxygenOS’s UI black, keeping pixels turned off when they’re not needed.

One Plus X also lacks a few important bands for low-frequency LTE  due to which you will find unreliable LTE connection depending on where you live.

Camera is an important point to consider while buying a phone specially in this category. The One plus x sports  features a 13-megapixel sensor with ISOCELL technology. The camera you get in the one plus x is not the best,  The photos you will shoot will be okay to post it on our social networks . There is alot of processing going on, you will find some images which are very noisy, soft and bland, the things appears even more worst in low light conditions.

The One plus x stock camera app is very easy to use and basic, Tap on the area to get it focused, press that shutter button and you’re picture is ready. Focusing is quick and pretty accurate.

There are some standard features included as well like, slow motion, photo, video, time lapse, and panorama.You also have access to functions like HDR, a beauty feature, and clear image.  The clear image can referred as the burst mode as it takes 10 individual photos for one final super high-res image.

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As this is an One Plus phone you will require an invite to buy the phone, Pei says the company is trying to address demand, so it’s limited its invite system to one month. After that the company will open orders to the public for a limited time every week as it ramps up production.

 Good Stuff :

  • Good design 
  • Best price tag 
  • Stable and good OS 

Bad Stuff :

  • Camera is okay 
  • No NFC  
  • out dated specs 

TechnoScore : 6.6