Managing personal information on internet is a hard task, Google knows that and has made something to help you regarding your personal data on Google’s Database. New online tool called “Google About me” which allows you to change what information other users of Google services.

Whats really surprising is company did not make a formal announcement. According to Google changing any information in the separate My Account page or About me page will be reflected on your Google+ profile page, and vice versa.

Google’s New About Me page doesn’t give enough of your personal information, Google has more information regarding you. According to Google’s policy it can merge user data from across its services. The main reason behind collecting users information is to give better personalize web experience.

Google also explains that your name and photo can be viewed by other users of Google products, your email will be made visible to others when you “communicate” with them or “share content.” Also making changes to the About me page are currently resulting in errors for many users.

If you want know more about your information that google has about you like your location historyyour entire Google Search historyevery device that has accessed your Google account and more then here is another article from us that will give you 6 links that will show you what Google knows about you !