Nexus 6P is simply a well balanced upto date. Nexus 6P is the closet thing to Perfect smartphone. The Balance between design, speed, battery life and software is just perfect.

That “P” in the name means “Premium” and yes the phone is super premium. Nexus 6P is made out of aeronautical-grade aluminum, and it’s a big, solid slab of a phone. Instead of smooth, rounded curves. You can get the phone in white, silver, or graphite (Black). The black color option is defiantly the best looking option, but one thing to keep in mind is that the black color is a finger print magnet. To avoid those finger print marks you can go for white option.

Nexus 6P is defiantly one of the best build phone, it has metal all round it. The power button and the volume button on the phone are clicky. Overall the button placement on the phone well matches its industrial design. Not only design, But Google did a very good job of picking up great material for the phone.

That Glass bulge on the back side of the phone is not that bad. That bulge packs in components like the camera, flash, autofocus laser, NFC, antennas. The phone sit almost flat on the tablet. Keep one thing in mind the Nexus 6P is a bigger device, so don’t judge the size of the phone by the photos. If you keep iPhone 6s Plus & Nexus 6P side by side then both of the guys are exact in size.

Nexus 6P has a finger print sensor at the back of the phone, Google calls it “Nexus Imprint”. The finger print sensor is just a simple recessed circle on the back of the phone. You will the finger print reader for its quickness and convenience. But a big downside of putting finger print scanner at the back of the phone is when you want to unlock you’re phone quickly then you have to first pick it up off the table, find where the sensor is on the back, and then unlock it.


You can also use Nexus Imprint to authorize Android Pay and buy stuff in the Google Play app store, and beyond that Google has set it up so third-party app makers can use it.

Nexus 6P has a 5.7-inch screen with dual speakers. The screen you get on the device is a 2560 x 1440 AMOLED display with a pixel density of 518PPI. Of course the display is sharp and bright. The power button on the device now has a new little trick that is double-tapping it launches the camera. From a powered-off state.

The Nexus 6P has a Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of non-expandable storage; Google offers a model all the way up to 128GB. Just combine a 810 chip and 3GB of RAM and plus Marshmallow which means you’ll get speedy performance. So whatever you do play hardcore games or keep updating your status on different social networks or simply browsing the Web or just enjoy youtube videos, everything you will be doing on you’re 6P will smooth and fast.


Now lets talk about camera, Google takes help of sony for a new 12-megapixel camera sensor.The difference with this sensor is that the pixels on it are larger than usual (1.55μm), which allows them to bring in more light, more quickly. The camera on Nexus 6P’s camera shots out in broad daylight look excellent: colors are saturated, exposure is even, highlights aren’t blown out, details are sharp (its not that sharp) . In normal light, the white balance is accurate and human skin tones look, well, human, Also focusing is fast and accurate.

The downside with camera’s on nexus is the low light, previous Nexus 6 did not performed that well in low light, But with nexus 6p things appears to be changed. So the shots you take on Nexus 6P are better than the Nexus 6 in low light. But again it’s certainly not the best in the market.

Google also adds new modes, You can take a burst shot where Android will show you eight still photos and also flag which one it thinks is best. Once done you can tap button to make either a collage or an animated GIF right from bursts photos you took.

The battery life on Nexus 6P is good, We got a full day battery life with heavy usage. The device packs a 3,450mAh battery and also comes in with Android’s 6.0 new battery management features called “Doze”. This  seems it shut down almost everything when the phone is sitting on a desk, priority things like SMS and phone calls will come through your way of course. When you pick up the device every single things pop ups back in.


Even if you drain up your juice then don’t worry, Nexus 6P’s fast charging is simply amazing. In just 15 minutes phones charges all the way up to 45% from just 15%. In just an hour it can charge up to 0% to 100%. Google also joins the USB- C trend, Nexus 6P comes in with USB  Type – C for charging — reversible and enables these faster charging times.

Its is a Nexus and of course it has stock android. Stock Android on nexus device are the main game changing features. The Android Marshmallow on Nexus 6P is fast , clean and natural. Overall Marshmallow will feel a lot like Lollipop, But you will find this version optimized and quick.

Overall, Nexus 6P is the perfect blend between software and hardware which makes this phone one of the toughest guy to beat in the market. With the price tag of $500 it is more affordable than most “premium” phones. Google came back strong this time. Before Nexus Devices was good but they had some issues with them, But this time google does its job very well and gives the Market “The Best and Perfect Android Phone“.

TechnoScore : 8.7 

Good Stuff :

  • Great Design 

  • Amazing Camera – Finally 

  • Stock Android 

  • Affordable than most the premium phones

Bad Stuff :

  • Camera bump spoils the design 

  • Finger Print reader’s position is not convenient 

  • Very Big Phone