One Plus introduces it new addition to its phone line up that is “One Plus X“. So you might will be interested in buying this phone, But before you order one here are Top 5 things you should know about the new One Plus X :

1. Price Tag

One plus is very popular among people due a solid price tag that company gives, One Plus steps a level future and chooses a price of $249 for its One Plus X. This $249 will get you a One Plus X in Onyx Glass. The Onyx glass is new back material from one plus and is something that we have already seen on iPhone 4s. But if you live in India or Europe then you can get a limited edition model called as “Ceramic”.

2. Specs & Features 

Now lets talk about the important part of the phone, The One Plus X packs a 1080p AMOLED display and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with 3GB of RAM. One Plus X just like the One Plus 2 has dual-SIM slots and 16GB of onboard storage with the option to expand up to 128GB with the second SIM slot doubling as a MicroSD slot, a 2525 mAh battery and a 13MP camera at back.

That specs are not jaw dropping and Snapdragon 801 is not the latest and greatest, But for the price you pay One Plus has made a solid choice. While testing the One Plus X our impression on performance are positive, And the camera quality on this phone is good, again not the best but for the price you pay its defiantly one of the best in class.

The new One Plus X also have some little features which are very useful, The first thing is the alert slider which gives you 3 modes 1. Mute 2.Priority 3.All . So if you slide the slider to mute mode then you will not receive any notification from phone. If you slide the slider to Priority mode then you will only receive notification from people who you wish to get notification from and when you slide to All that means you will get every notification from phone.

One Plus X also has dual sim, MicroSD and FM, Ok FM might sound pretty old school but this can be a good feature in situation like you have no access to wifi and you want to save your mobile data and just to listen  to some old radio.

3. Invite 

Invite is of the most annoying part of One Plus and yes you will need an invite to buy the one plus x. But One Plus has  plans to open up sales to anyone for short periods during the invite phase. So if you are looking for an invite then just visit One Plus X Invite reservation page and Sign up for the list to get your invite.