Google today launches its 2nd OnHub router with a partnership with Asus. The main goal of google behind OnHub Router is to make a router that’s easy to use and provides better Wi-Fi signal then the ones that we are all are used to.

The Asus’s model is meant to be kept out in the open. The new model has a ability to wave your hand overtop of it to have the router prioritize Wi-Fi to a specific device. The new router will also be able to select the best antennas to send Wi-Fi over depending on the location of the devices.

Google also wanted to change the way we make changes to our wifi router, typically we all use our internet browser to make any changes in our wifi router, But just like the first OnHub this second router will be controlled entirely through the Google On app.

The new OnHub supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi and 5GHz networks at a price tag of $219.99.This new model is slightly larger but slightly lighter, has the same storage and ports. If you wish to own one then you can preorder it today.