Facebook will roll out a new look for the notifications tab in its iOS and Android apps in the coming weeks. This redesign will assistant for the things like reminders about your day, friends and other topics.

This new notifications tab will surface contextual reminders in the form of cards. Lets say you have liked a page of a team or athlete then you will be seeing card alerting you to an upcoming game etc.

According to Facebook product manager Keith Peiris, most of users will only see between five and seven different cards at any given time which can go all the way up to 15 different cards. The main goal behind this card is to provide a more personalized experience, and users will be able to fine-tune the types of cards they view — or disable them completely.

There will be interest-based cards and ones with news from friends, which can give reminders for things like birthday and life events. Of course location based cards are included as well, so lets say you have to visit an event, you could see a reminder prior to the event letting you know when you should leave in order to arrive on time.

This location based feature will use location history intelligently so as not to negatively impact battery life. As recently facebook’s iOS app was draining iPhone’s battery rapidly.