Apple recently rolled out its latest iOS 9.1 which came in with tons of new emojis. Android fans also want new emoji’s and according to Google the new emoji are under work.

According to senior vice president of Android, Chrome OS and Chromecast, an Emoji update is in the works. According to him this update will take some time. But he doesn’t say when it will arrive or how Google plans to release it.

In iOS 9.1 Apple did a very good job of adding over 184 new emoji. This new emoji’s includes some interesting new faces, a robot, a lion, a unicorn, a hot dog, a taco, a burrito, a floating man in a suit, and lots more. Apple also added an middle finger emoji in its iOS 9.1 update.

As Google has confirmed that it is working on new emoji’s to match the new ones in the iOS 9.1, Android users hopefully will get their hands on these new emoji soon.