HTC’s new iPhone style looking smartphone is here, This new One A9 will replace the One M9 as the flagship smartphone in US.

The flagship from HTC will pack a 2,150mAh battery, a Snapdragon 617 processor, and a 1080p display. HTC did a pretty good job on camera, HTC said it went to great lengths to improve the camera experience. It ditched the 20.7MP Toshiba camera module on the One M9 for a 13MP Sony sensor on the One A9, and it hopes it’ll make a big difference.

The new 13-megapixel sensor residing behind an f/2.0 lens with the a sapphire cover. The new One A9 has Optical image stabilization finally makes its return to the One series of HTC. The new flagship will not shoot 4k videos but will record 1080p from both the rear camera and the one on the front.

One of the best feature of new One A9 is that the latest flagship will come preloaded with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Android 6.0 (Doze) will help to improve the One A9’s comparatively small battery last for a reasonable length of time.

HTC’s sound quality on this guy is rocking, The One A9 supports high-resolution audio and Dolby Surround Sound for headphones, which are both mostly marketing gimmicks, however the internal circuit board layout has also been designed to ensure minimal electric distortion.

The One A9 supports NFC in the United States and in other regions where Android Pay is available, but it’s only for Android Pay. NFC doesn’t have access to read/write to the phone’s storage, which means you can’t use it to initiate a file transfer.

As far as the pricing goes HTC is offering SIM-unlocked handset at $399.99 with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage also buyers will get six free months of unlimited Google Play Music and HTC’s Uh Oh Protection, which allows for one free replacement should your phone break or you decide to switch carriers at any point in the first 12 months.

All variants of the One A9 across the world will include a microSD card slot as well as 100GB of free Google Drive storage (except for China)

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