Are you one of those who cannot wait to use 3D touch and don’t want to upgrade to new iPhone 6S ? Now thats possible with a jailbroken iPhone.

An jailbroken iPhone running on iOS 9, can go to Cydia and search for “Forcy”. This is a free app that gives non 3D Touch equipped iPhones 3D Touch capacity. Forcy can give you Quick Actions for app icons on your home screen, which is a great feature. The thing you will miss the the haptic feedback and Apple’s Peek & Pop preview functionality within apps.

In short forcy cannot give you total 3D touch feel that you can get on the iPhone 6S but this is the cheapest option to get Apple’s new 3D touch on an older iPhone without upgrading to new iPhone 6S. So if you are rocking on iOS 9 and you have a jailbroken iPhone and navigate to cydia and in the search bar type in “Forcy” and install it, its free.