Few days back some iPhone users reported that there brand new iPhone 6s is getting very hot & due to that the flash on the device is automatically disabled. Now some early buyers of iPhone 6s Reports that there Touch ID button is getting untouchable hot.

In a thread on Apple’s Support Communities, many users describe a similar problem. When a user went to turn on his or her phone, the home screen was black and the Touch ID/Home button felt hot. This problem was solved by holding the home and lock buttons for 10 seconds, resetting the phone.


This issue was first reported by 9to5mac and corroborated by user complaints in Apple’s Support forums and Twitter. 9to5Mac also reports that users are experiencing a variety of other bugs with their new iPhones, mainly software related.

Apple often fixes this problems by a software update and only replacing or repairing hardware when necessary. So soon we can expect a update from apple to fix this problem.