Apple patents a even smaller type of wearable device. Which reveals potential plans for a smart ring with a tiny built-in display.The patent, which was filed back in 2014 and published on Thursday describes various versions of a “Ring Computing Device.”

Apple has patented different ideas for what those controls might look. Some pictures reveals that there will be a small touchscreen for displaying information and inputting commands. There is another option for a touchpad instead without any display.


Apple also gives us another hint like the ring will have a a microphone for recognizing voice commands. So yes we can see Siri coming inside the right and also this ring  also include some sort of motion sensor.

We cannot guarantee that the ring is underway, As Apple is a company which patents tons of ideas and if apple is working on any short of ring like this, then it would be alot different then the patent we see here, as the patent is really old and defiantly Apple may have made changes in the design and functions of the ring.