Google today announced its two new nexus : 6P & 5X. Also Google today announced that Android 6.0 Marshmallow will be widely available starting next week.roll out to Google’s line of Nexus smartphones and tablets first, with other devices receiving it at a yet to be determined time.

Android 6 or Marshmallow will not have the huge visual makeover. Instead google is has work under-the-hood improvements for better stability and user experience. One of them is called as “Doze” which lets the system shut down processes when it detects the device hasn’t been moving or used for a period of time.

Now lets talk about the other feature that Android 6 is coming in with, a revised app permissions system, which will give users more control over what data of theirs apps have access to. Marshmallow will let you approve or deny access to things such as camera or location on a case by case basis, the same thing that you see on iOS.

There is also an another biggest feature which lets Google’s search engine look deep within apps and scan content that is displayed on the screen to provide more information about what you’re looking at which is called as new Now Tap