iOS 9 is apple latest piece of software for its users and now just after few days of its official release for its users, there is a video on youtube that shows one way a would-be hacker could possibly skirt the passcode on an otherwise seemingly secure iOS 9 device.

As shown in the video its easy to perform the flaw, after several passcode fails, the guy taps Siri right at the same time as the final entry, that allows him to gain access to applications, like the clock. From the clock, however, the user has the option to share via SMS, gaining entry right into the phone’s text messaging system and into detailed information about contacts. It’s also possible to view your photos and videos.

The security flaw in the iOS 9 is not that critical as someone cannot perform the flaw remotely. Just make sure you don’t hand over iPhone to people you don’t trust or leave your phone at public place. Apple will surely fix this flaw via update.