iPad Pro is finally here, after a long wait and rumours. Apple on September 9th announced its iPad Pro along with new Apple TV , iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Pro .The new iPad is the biggest iOS device you can get. Here are the top 5 features of the new iPad :

Gorgeous Display :

Display is something that you stair every time so look at your device, On the iPad Pro Apple tool the Display game to new level. iPad Pro comes in with 12.9-inches across and offers a resolution 2732 x 2048 pixels. That’s 5.6 million pixels total, though it only comes out to 265 pixels per inch (PPI). Apple claims that the display on iPad Pro is sharper than a MacBook with Retina display.

Faster New Processor :

Apple is pretty serious regarding the performance of the iPad Pro,  As it has Apple’s  A9X chip. The A9X chip is 1.8 times faster than the A8X included in last year’s iPad Air 2. Apple also claims its new tablet can outclass most of the current PC market thanks to this new chip.

In some brief demos, it showed how this can translate to much more powerful medical applications, which might help doctor’s explain an ailment to a patient with a 3D-rendered skeleton, or incredible multitasking between Adobe, Word or Excel documents on the fly.

Apple Pencil & Keyboard :

iPad Pro has apple’s  very first stylus called the “Apple Pencil”,which it claims is one of the most accurate digital pens ever invented. It’s designed to work with the iPad Pro display, and comes packed with sensors that can tell how hard you press and what angle you hold it at. The New Apple Pencil can be recharge the battery by plugging right into the iPad has it has a built-in Lightning connector.

Apple is also offer’s company’s very first keyboard for iPad, It features a familiar magnetic design but folds up to offer both a kickstand and a keyboard at once.

Here is the sad part both of the things will not come with the iPad Pro, you have buy both of them separately. Apple Pencil will cost you $99 and the new keyboard will cost you $169.

Loud & Better Speakers :

Apple also updated its speakers for its new iPad Pro. iPad Pro features 4 built-in speakers to match its super-sized screen. The stereo sound shooting out from all four corners of the device. The new speakers are intelligent has they adjust automatically when you shift from portrait to landscape for the best possible sound.

Convenient Storage Options :

The bigger ipad pro starts at 32GB of storage and goes straight to a 128GB option. So there is no 16 GB and 64 GB option that you find in iPhone and older iPad’s. The Price Tag of iPad Pro is very high as it has a starting price of $799 it’s nice to see the company offering some decent storage options.