One Plus are the hype master, they have mastered the art of hyping people. They did the same thing with there One Plus 2. The Flagship killer 2015 or One Plus 2 took tech world to storm, As the phone has impressive specs, beautiful display, eye catching  design, crispy camera, all that with an sweet price tag.

Invite is the word that every One Plus lover hates to hear, as you cannot buy the phone directly from the store, to buy one you will need an invite to buy it . One Plus says that it has improved its invites system, in addition to that company released its “Reservation List” for an invite for the One Plus 2  in which there are more then 4000000 people who have applied for the invite.

One Plus Confirmed that the One Plus 2 invite release is slow and the top priority will be given to people who have bought a OnePlus One and are active on company’s forum will be first to have invite in there hands.

People who have bought a OnePlus One and are active on the forums will have priority – One Plus Forum

To release invite One Plus has developed an algorithm that decides how invites are sent out. In that forum company has given 4 tiers :

  • Tier 1: Participants or winners of OnePlus events (WWYDFT2, pop-up events, etc.)
  • Tier 2: Early supporters of the OnePlus One and active forum members
  • Tier 3: Customers who have purchased the OnePlus One
  • Tier 4: Reservation List 

Depending on which tier you are in, One Plus’s algorithm will assign points based on factors. So if you are an most fervent supporters then you will have more points, which means you will get an invite faster than the rest.

The ranking within the tiers depends on several factors, such as:

  • When the OnePlus One was purchased
  • The amount of OnePlus Ones purchased
  • The date they joined the OnePlus forums
  • Amount of forum posts that have great engagement and quality 

One Plus as already stared publishing invite for the One Plus 2 and the rollout of invites starts in four of the tiers together. According to One Plus if you are in higher tiers then you will receive an invite much faster.