WhatsApp launched its WhatsApp Web for Android which allows android users to excess there WhatsApp chat right from there Internet browser. After many months WhatsApp Web arrives for iOS users.

WhatsApp is similar to other messaging apps like iMessage app on Mac, or Google Hangouts on the web. As it allows users to respond there messages , send pictures , and create new chats on their desktop through Google Chrome.

Its not Android which was the first OS to get supported , other OS like BlackBerry, and Windows Phone are also the supported since the official launch. To access your whatsApp chat from your PC/Mac you can simply open your WhatsApp on your smartphone and scan the QR code on WhatsApp Web‘s website.

So if you are an iPhone user and you are running on the latest version of WhatsApp and still you are not able access WhatsApp Web then keep calm , according to The Next Web not all users with an iPhone will see it at the same time. So to check if you are supported or not then simply go to :

Whatsapp > settings

In settings if you see the option of “Whatsapp Web” then you can tap that option then head to WhatsApp Web , and scan the QR code and Done .