In Google’s Mountain View campus on Monday, Google unveiled a statue of an Android figurine holding a single marshmallow, finally confirming the name of its next update. Yes its official that Android M is named as Android Marshmallow.

Looking forward , Android Marshmallow is just might be the most important Android release yet. As this year android focused a lot on the underlying experience, giving users control over app permissions and native support for the 64-bit ARMv8 architecture.

And Other features include doze, which reduces background activity, native support for fingerprint recognition, and a standard API for implementing fingerprint-based authentication in third-party apps.

We’re are expecting Android Marshmallow will be free update and will be coming this fall and Android Marshmallow will be called Android 6.0 according to its latest SDK.

Here is the image of Android figurine holding a single marshmallow at Google’s Campus :