Apple is set to launch its next iPhone. This time apple is expected to bring Force touch in its iPhone6S . Apple has not officially confirmed it, but there are some strong rumours that suggests force touch is coming. Apple’s Force Touch technology can be seen in Apple Watch and in new Macbook/Macbook Pro 2015.

In Apple Watch if you press down on the Apple Watch’s screen to change its watch face. Or, applying slight pressure to the new MacBook’s trackpad allows you to quickly perform certain functions.

Developers are already thinking about how Force Touch could be used to improve their apps, even though Apple hasn’t announced its new iPhone.

How Force Touch can useful in Gaming : 

Paul Murphy, the CEO of Playdots says :

When we add a new game mechanic, it might just look like another 50 levels, but it’s like a completely new game,The effort in creating the mechanic is like creating a new game.

Whenever there’s a big hardware or software change to the iPhone,  Playdots is thinking about how it can shape future games.Currently Playdots team is working on a new mechanics. New Mechanics can be refer to force touch.

How Force Touch can be useful in photography apps : 

Force Touch can make opening of submenus way easier then before. In Mac Force Touch allows you to access various options and shortcuts.

“Say, if you wanted to change the color of something, you could Force Touch and it would change that.” – Cole Rise creator of Litely Told Business Insider

Also the creator of Astro which lets artists and photographers use their iPad to markup projects on their Mac. Expressed his thoughts on how Force Touch could benefit the iPhone in his next app :

We really want to take advantage of the variations in pressure, Let’s say you’re doing some masking or you need to work on a background. Just using your finger you can get some pressure sensitivity. – Matt Ronge Told Business Insider

How Force Touch can make some useful Shortcuts :

Here is Kiener’s video it shows feature for Bluetooth controls, but it could work just as well for Wi-Fi. You might even Force Touch the “Do Not Disturb” button to open up a new menu of options for deciding which types of notifications are worth seeing and which should be muted.

Still this all are not confirmed by Apple. Company is expected to conduct its next event on September 9th in which we will see our next iPhone ,  redesigned Apple TV and bigger iPad Pro .