Apple today released its iOS 9 Beta 5 for developers , there are several new feature you can find in this new beta update , here are the new features in the iOS 9 Beta 5 :

New Wallpaper

There are many new crispy wallpaper added in the iOS 9 beta 5 update . Which includes abstract waves of color to photos of planets suspended in a stark black background. Some of the old wallpaper have been removed.

iOS 9 Beta 5 _ New Wallpaper  CarPlay

Many tweaks been made to the CarPlay’s UI . Which includes larger artwork and support for liking songs with the heart button.

iOS 9 beta 5  Splash Screen for Calendar

In iOS 9 Beta 5 , a new splash screen is added in calendar . when you open the calendar for the first time you will be welcomed by this new Splash screen . The splash Screen explains every new features added in it.

iOS 9 beta 5  Few More : 

There are few teaks made by Apple in its keyboard ,  changing the glyphs on keys like Delete, Shift, and Dictation. There also a Wifi Assist which allows the phone to automatically switch to a cellular data connection when you have a bad Wi-Fi connection and the important one , The support for Wi-Fi Calling on AT&T